Second Medical Opinion


Af­ter med­ical di­ag­no­sis, the doc­tor will ex­plain the di­ag­no­sis, dis­ease and treat­ments in de­tail. How­ev­er, pa­tients may get dif­fi­cul­ties in un­der­stand­ing the med­ical jar­gons, pros and cons of var­i­ous med­ical treat­ments, risk of each treat­ment, etc, and thus fail to make a de­ci­sion right at the mo­ment. Seek­ing a Sec­ond Med­ical Opin­ion could help pa­tients know more about the di­ag­no­sis, dis­ease and treat­ment op­tions, so that one can fur­ther make the life-defin­ing de­ci­sion that best suits him/her­self.

Importance of Second Medical Opinion


Confirm the diagnosis to be correct and well-defined


Confirm all required diagnostic tests to be completed


List out all possible treatment options and relevant risk


Eliminate unnecessary invasive procedure or treatment


Plan for future medical care and rehabilitation in advanced

Benefits & Limitations of Second Medical Opinion


Equip with more medical knowledge, strengthen one’s ability to make a decision that best suits oneself


Provide more treatment options, know more about the treatment procedure and risk


Boost confidence in relevant treatment

Why seeking a Second Medical Opinion in Hong Kong?


Regulated by Statutory Authority

Registration and professional conduct of all medical practitioners are regulated by Statutory Authority


World-Class Standard

Services, academic standards and professional conduct of Hong Kong medical practitioners reach world-class standard

Note: By agreeing to seeking Second Medical Opinion (teleconsultation) with Chiron, you agree and accept the inherent risk of teleconsultation and you further acknowledge that Chiron does not guarantee certain treatment results or complete cure of your conditions.



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