Children Eye Examination

Visual development in children is critical between birth and age of 7 – 8.

Visual problems such as myopia (i.e. nearsightedness), far-sightedness, astigmatism and squint are not uncommon in children. However, children, especially younger ones, may not be able to express clearly the problem with their vision, if these visual problems persist without proper management, their visual development might be disturbed and results in amblyopia.

Poor vision may have adverse impact on learning and social development of children, so it is recommended for eye screening at the age of 3 – 4.

Chiron’s Comprehensive Children Eye Examination

The Comprehensive Children Eye Examination includes various eye examinations, and is suitable for persons at age of 3 – 17. If any eye problems are detected such as amblyopia or myopia, treatment could be initiated timely to reduced risk of long term visual problems.

Comprehensive eye examination would be done by Specialist in Ophthalmology and Optometrist, and the following items are included in the examination:

Eye Examination



Comprehensive Optometric Examination

.History Taking
.Refraction – Myopia & Far-sightedness
.Visual Acuity
.Binocular Vision Assessment & Stereopsis
.Colour Vision

History Taking 

Refraction – Myopia & Far-sightedness
Any refraction error such as myopia, far-sightedness, astigmatism will be addressed, and the prescription will be given after the test.

Visual Acuity
The test checks how well the child could see at near and distant.

Binocular Vision Assessment & Stereopsis
The assessment evaluates the coordination and visual performance of two eyes to aid diagnosis of squint or amblyopia and to assess the severity of the conditions.

Colour Vision
Test cards will be used to check the child’s ability of differentiating colours and to identify any colour blindness. The report will be given after the test.

Ophthalmologist Assessment & Consultation 

.Slit Lamp Examination
.Dilated Fundal Exam
.Squint Assessment
.Explanation of Exam Result
.Myopia Control Advice or Further Follow Up

Slit Lamp Examination
The exam checks the structures of an eye such as cornea, lens, etc., also detects any signs of glaucoma.

Dilated Fundal Exam
The child’s pupil will be dilated by instilling eyedrops to have a better view of the back of eyes, and check for any structural problems in retina and macula area.

Squint Assessment
The assessment evaluates whether the child has squint by assessing the alignment and coordination of two eyes while looking at objects.

Explanation of Exam Result, Myopia Control Advice or Further Follow Up
Specialist in Ophthalmology will explain the exam result to parents and the child. Expert advice would be offered If there are any visual problems or need for myopia control.

Price: $1,200

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