Overseas Admission Procedure

Enquiry and Make Appointment

Patient can first contact us via email or instant messaging service such as WhatsApp or WeChat to get information about the medical services and schedule an appointment.

Prepare Relevant Documents

Please prepare any relevant documents such as past medical history and records issued by your local medical practice. These includes diagnostic and medical reports, medical imaging reports (i.e CT, MRI, X-Ray), past prescriptions and known allergies record.

Trip Planning

Our medical team will base on the information you provided to plan your visit accordingly, this includes the number of days of stay, health examinations and laboratory test arrangements.


If patient chooses our overseas medical service, a down payment is required for arranging details of the initial planned medical services.

Consultation & Treatment

Patient is recommended to bring at least one family member or friend along to your consultation for deeper understanding regarding to your conditions and treatment.


Our nurses will follow up on the remaining issues post-consultation. These includes further examinations, date of surgical procedure and hospital check-in and its arrangements.