Fees & Insurance

HK$1,200 - HK$1,600
Specialty Consultation Fee (Exempt from medication and check-up)
HK$900 - HK$1,000
Physiotherapy Fee (45mins per session)
HK$350 - HK$500
General Practice Consultation Fee (Exempt from medication and check-up)
Item Price(HKD)
Gardasil 9 (3 Doses) $ 8000
Child Vaccination Basic Plan $ 11000
Child Vaccination Standard Plan $ 19400
Child Vaccination Comprehensive Coverage Plan $ 33200
Item Price(HKD)
5 in 1 Vaccine (Single Dose) $ 1200
6 in 1 Vaccine (Single Dose) $ 1300
Oral Rotavirus Vaccine(Rotarix, GSK) 3 Doses $ 2400
Oral Rotavirus Vaccine(RotaTeq, MSD) 3 Doses $ 2400
Pneumococcal 13-Valent Vaccine $ 1800
Menactra (Single Dose) $ 1500
Menactra (2 Doses) $ 2400
MMRV Vaccine Single Dose $ 1500
MMRV Vaccine (2 Doses) $ 2400
Hepatitis A Vaccine for Children (1 shot) $ 1100
Hepatitis A Vaccine for Children (2 shots package) $ 2000
Hepatitis B Vaccine for Children (Single Dose) $ 800
Hepatitis A Vaccine for Children (2 shots package) $ 2100
Varicella vaccine (Single Dose) $ 1100
Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine (Single Dose) $ 3000
Shingles/Herpes Zoster Vaccine (Single Dose) $ 2300
MMR Vaccine (Single Dose) $ 900
Tetanus Vaccine $ 500
Haemophilus Influenzae Type B Vaccine (Single Dose) $ 800
Hepatitis B Vaccine for Children (GSK) Single Dose $ 1500
Hepatitis A Vaccine for Adults(2 shots package) $ 2600
Hepatitis B Vaccine for Adults (Single Dose) $ 900
Hepatitis B Vaccine for Adults, Add blood test (3 shots package) $ 2100

(*) Remark: Above prices are only for reference. Chiron Healthcare group reserves the right of the final decision in case of any dispute, please inquire with the clinic for details.

There are numerous medical insurance plans in town: out-patients only, in-patients, group medical plans… etc, each with different payment options and plans. Some are pay-and-claim, some are cashless operation with pre-approval with guarantee of payment, some need to co-pay for a certain amount or percentage. Thus, it is in your best interest if you would contact your insurance agent or company concerning your benefits under your insurance scheme.

We believe in transparency in our fees is the best way that you can be sure of your medical expenses, you can view the fees of common procedures in the next page. For operation, we would provide estimates of medical expenses prior to your signing of the consent form.

We will provide assistance in helping you with the claim procedures (filling in claim forms after medical consultation/ treatment). Below are some of the insurance companies that have agreement with Chiron:

Common Insurance Claim Forms

AXA Hong Kong
AIA Hong Kong
Prudential Hong Kong
FTLife Insurance
FWD Hong Kong
Bank of China Group Insurance
Bupa (Asia)
Sun Life Hong Kong