We sometimes encounter friends who are at a loss of words when they have a significant illness, not knowing how to navigate the various treatment options provided by doctors, the medical jargons, the pros and cons of different treatments and whether some other options might be missed. Facing the life-defining decision, we believe it is sometimes best to seek a second medical opinion, where it can help you to:
  • Equipping with more medical knowledge, strengthening his ability to make this important decision
  • Confirming the correct diagnosis, whether further tests will affect the treatment outcome and the latest researches about diseases in the field
  • Confirming the best treatment plan taking into account the values of the patients as well as the best evidence available for that particular disease
  • Comparing different treatment plans and diagnostic tests, eliminating unnecessary invasive procedure where it is not needed
  • The diagnosis you will receive is limited and provisional;
  • The Medical Second Opinion is not intended to replace a full medical evaluation or a face-to-face visit with a physician;
  • Chiron does not have important information that is usually obtained through a physical examination; and,
  • The absence of a physical examination may affect the Chiron’s physician's ability to diagnose your condition, disease or injury.

No matter what situation you are in, give yourself some time and space before making this important treatment decision. Seeking Second Medical Opinion (teleconsultation) will do no harm, but instead helping you to confirm the diagnosis, examining whether some important information/ tests are missed, providing treatment options in different countries or if everything is in place, thus giving you more confidence in the preferred treatment.

Note: By agreeing to seeking Second Medical Opinion (teleconsultation) with us, you agree and accept the inherent risk of teleconsultation and you further acknowledge that Chiron does not guarantee certain treatment results or complete cure of your conditions.