Human Papillomavirus or HPV is a type of DNA virus. There are around 170 sub-types of recognized HPV virus. Most types of HPV infections can be cleared by the human immune system, but some HPV infections persist and cause cancers such as cervical cancers.

HPV is transmitted through intimate contacts. If repeatedly infected by high risk HPV types, it is possible to develop precancerous lesion or even invasive cancer. Based on research data, over 99.7% of the cervical cancer is caused by HPV infections. And cervical cancer is currently the fourth most common cancer amongst females.

Vaccine Type Gardasil 4 Gardasil 9
HPV Types protection HPV-6,11,16,18 HPV-6,11,16,18,31,33,45,52,58
Suitable for Age 9 and above (both sex) Age 9 and above (both sex)
% protection of Disease by Vaccine
Cervical Cancer (A) 70% 90%
Vulvar Cancer (B) 75% 90%
Vaginal Cancer (C) 65% 85%
Anal Cancer (D) 85% 95%
Cervical Precancerous lesion (E) 50% 80%
Genital Warts (F) 90% 90%

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