Better healthcare service lies on the foundation built with trust and a people-oriented mindset.

We promise to provide the best quality of treatment and healthcare services.

About Chiron

Chiron Healthcare is a clinic service provider formed to provide the best clinic platform for both our doctors as well as our patients. We strive to create an ecosystem to support the healthy long term relationship between our doctors and our patients.

With our first class services and facilities, Chiron Medical Group strive to provide our patients a satisfactory and enjoyable experience in the process of upkeeping their wellbeing. We believe in fairness to patients and building long term relationship with them without unnecessary and excessive treatments.


The importance of integrity builds the foundation in medical practices. We will always place the care of patients as our highest priority. Our team builds a strong safety culture in our clinic group and all of our decisions will be reflected upon with the trust of our patients.


We are treating the patients, not just the symptoms or the discomfort. We hope to build a strong engagement with the patient in their treatment plan, where effective communications between patients and healthcare professionals are critical for achieving a patient's optimal health outcome.


We believe a loving and caring working environment will be beneficial to the staff and the company. Special emphasis will be put on creating a harmonious working environment where staff would like to come back to work and enjoy the companion of their co-workers. There will be special programs in terms of growth, training, benefit packages and incentive schemes.

Our Vision
We commit to quality and integrity
Offering full-service, top notch, specialist-based medical services
Offering a platform for them to perform their best

Our Vision

Chiron was formed out of dedication and commitment to our vision to achieve excellence in medical services. Excellence is defined not only by top of the class specialized medical knowledge in our doctors, the latest treatment methodology or technology, but also the passion to serve our patients the best we can. We want to provide personalized services and achieve the best medical result to our patients, practicing with our heart, wisdom and integrity.

Hong Kong has one of the best medical practices in the world and continues to nurture significant medical talents. It's our duty to continue building on this position in the world and provide all the people in need with the accessibility to best services and talents.