Zoster (Shingles)


Shin­gles are caused by Vari­cel­la-zoster virus (Chick­en­pox); Af­ter the Chick­en­pox in­fec­tion, the virus will stay and re­main dor­mant in body nerve cells, and will be­come ac­tive again with old age, poor im­mune func­tion or un­der stress, and thus lead to Shin­gles. The Zoster virus is trans­mit­table, but com­par­a­tive­ly less in­fec­tious than Chick­en­pox.

Common Affected Body Part .Back .Waist .Hands & Feet .Face .Eyes Symptoms .A group of rash and blister appear on skin .Continual Pain .If appear in eyes, may lead to swelling eyelid, or even vision loss .Symptoms can last up to 30 days Long Term Effect .Postherpetic neuralgia, a persistent and severe pain .May lead to scar

Protective Efficacy

Around 70% *The earlier the injection, the stronger the protection effect *A small number of people will still suffer from shingles after vaccination, but the vaccine can reduce the acute and chronic pain caused, and also shorten the onset time and reduce the risk of neuralgia

Vaccination Dose

Single shot

Suitable For

Aged above 50

Not Suitable For

.Pregnant women .Women who planned for pregnancy in the future three months .Child .Currently have shingles or under related treatment

Common Side Effect

.Headache .Uncomfort on injection part


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